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ASAP FIREWATCH is the premier fire watch company servicing DC, Maryland and Virginia. We have dedicated 10 years to developing effective procedures and a comprehensive training program to meet our commitment of providing management companies, businesses, and residences with the most advanced, highest quality fire watch services available. 

Our Mission

To seamlessly integrate superior service and effective communication   in order to protect life and property.

ASAP FIREWATCH is a company built on "Three Core Principles" that are embodied in our personnel:

Professionalism: We report for duty promptly with a professional attitude and positive outlook on every situation.  Our uniformed staff abides by our mission to protect life and property.

Preparedness: We come fully equipped with the necessary tools and procedures to assure our responsibilities are carried out effectively. 

Innovation:  We continuously evolve to meet industry standards through new methods, additional training, and advancement in technologies.

At ASAP FIREWATCH, we use these principles to accurately assess any fire watch situation in order to act in the client's best interest.


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ASAP FIREWATCH services throughout various counties in Northern Virginia and Maryland.  We provide the following services:  

Planned Impairments

Planned impairments are for routine inspections, testing and maintenance that require fire protection systems to be taken offline. ASAP FIREWATCH can provide a trained impairment coordinator to direct operations on behalf of management throughout a planned impairment. Our impairment coordinator will design an impairment plan to ensure the safety of life and property.  

Emergency Impairments

Emergency impairments are unforeseen events or unplanned impairments in which the fire safety systems have been partially or fully shutdown and require emergency physical presence. When unplanned impairments occur, appropriate emergency response time is critical. The ASAP FIREWATCH impairment coordinator will respond within a two hour time frame to assess the property and implement an impairment plan.  

We provide the following services for planned and emergency impairments:

  1. Assess the extent and expected duration of the impairment.

  2. Inspect the areas or buildings involved to determine if there are any increased risks.

  3. Provide recommendations to the management team or building owner.

  4. Issue a formal notice to all affected parties (e.g. fire department, insurance carrier, alarm company, property supervisors and any other authorities that have jurisdiction).

  5. Implement the tag system to indicate that a fire watch is in effect.

  6. Assemble all necessary tools and materials to begin the fire watch.

  7. Conduct patrol of the designated area every 30 minutes unless otherwise authorized by the Fire Marshal.

  8. Capture video log of the patrol and complete written log as required.

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1751 Pinnacle Drive, Suite 600
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If you are coming to visit, enter from the main lobby and walk past the concierge desk. You will see elevators on either side that will bring you up to our office managers. Ask for ASAP! We will see you soon!



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What is fire watch?

Fire watch is a precautionary measure taken to ensure the fire safety of a property is monitored in the event that there becomes an increased risk to persons or property when fire protection systems are not functioning. The term "fire watch" is also used to describe personnel whose sole responsibility is to detectfires and other hazards within a building, specific area, or premises.

According to Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code, fire watch is a, “temporary measure intended to ensure a continuous and systematic surveillance of a building or a portion thereof by one or more qualified individuals for the purpose of controlling fire hazards, detecting early signs of unwanted fire, raising an alarm of fire, and notifying the fire department.”  

What is the purpose of Fire Watch?

The purpose of fire watch is to provide temporary supervision of a property in order to identify and control any fire hazards, as well as to detect early signs of unwanted fire and initiate alarms or evacuation procedures. 

When is a fire watch required?

A fire watch is required under any of the following circumstances:

  • When the building’s fire protection system is scheduled to be out of service for four (4) or more hours within a 24-hour period.
  • When the building's fire protection system is shutdown in whole or part (e.g. sprinkler system malfunction or fire alarm failure) due to an emergency impairment.
  • When the Fire Marshal deems it is essential for public safety, such as in a place of gathering due to the number of persons or the nature of performance whether it be an exhibition, display, contest, or activity.

What are the duties of fire watch personnel?

Fire watch personnel are required to be alert to any hazardous activity that is taking place other than when the property is open to the public, and whenever any fire protection systems may be out of service. In addition to constantly monitoring the site, fire watch personnel are expected to correct any hazards found, such as removing obstructions to exits, contacting the fire department, extinguishing small fires, activating fire alarms, and assisting with emergency evacuation procedures of the public. Fire watch personnel are required to patrol their areas at 30-minute intervals (unless specified otherwise by the Fire Marshal) and submit a written log (ASAP FIREWATCH, LLC also provides a video log) that contains real-time status of the property. 

How long can a fire watch remain in effect?

Generally, a fire watch is a temporary means to provide an extra level of safety or to substitute an out-of-service life safety system. It can range from a few days to a few weeks. A fire watch may not be used as a technique to avoid or delay the installation of a required fire sprinkler, fire alarm, or other life safety system.  The Fire Marshal will assess the property and provide feedback with regards to expected length of a fire watch. 

Who is responsible for the property?

The owner of the property is responsible to designate a representative when he or she is not present at the site if a property manager has not previously been assigned. The representative is required to notify the following individuals when a fire safety system is not functioning or hazards are present:

  • Fire alarm monitoring company (if applicable)
  • Local fire department
  • Building’s property insurance carrier
  • Local Fire Marshal 

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